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Recently purchased a 2015 WRX STI and joined the club. I have been a Subaru fan for many years but strayed into the dark world of TVR over the past six. Tuscan sold and a practical (ahem) grandchildren chariot was needed. owned in the past a 2000 MY classic in blue, a 2003 wrx blob eye in red, and finally the one i regret losing a 2005 prodrive STI in 2006 with only 6k mileage. back in the fold again.

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Spend much time on the roadside or was the Tuscan alright? 

Aren't children great for the excuse to buy something 'practical' 

Mine was to do up my estate as a family wagon.  Babies never even seen it yet lol. 

Pictures of new cars is required btw :biggrin:

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Tuscan was more reliable than my 5ltr Griffith believe it or not. But i do not have the dread feeling of going to die again at any moment. Widow maker was the tuscan as legend would prove. 2015 wrx sti is less powerfull but can be driven at close to 10/10 th's and would leave a 4.0 ltr speed Tuscan for dead in anything other than a straight line.

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