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New round here and got meself my first Subaru


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Hey everyone.

I picked up a 2004 Legacy estate a couple of months ago. Only the 2.0i as I'm not too bothered about thrashing it around and getting better mpg with my 2 dogs in the boot is more important for me. That said, am loving driving it and can see why folks do go for the bigger turbo engines ;-)

My ma had an old H-reg 2.5 Legacy years ago while I was at uni and I got to drive it when back at holidays. Always enjoyed driving that and getting my own newer one has reminded me why. I reckon I'm pretty sold on Subarus now.

The one mod I've done so far is to get the boot windows tinted for privacy and to help keep my woofers cooler.


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Nice looking car :) bought some tint for mine, hoping to do it some time soon!

If it's an auto you might be able to do the 'secret handshake' I think it's called from memory, to bring up some diagnostic codes. Works for my slightly older one anyway.

Never got stuck in snow/ice apart from one time I reversed into someone's steep drive and on the way out the car beached on the snow, but after removing some snow, no problem :)



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