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Rough Idle Problem UPDATE


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So a few months ago i posted my problem about rough idle basically when the engine is to temperature the car will randomly rev itself up anywhere between 1000-2000rpm only for a second then drop back down or sometimes even to the point where it sounds like it could stall. At first it didn't bother me much but its getting annoying now nearly every time i stop at lights or in traffic it will do it.

The car has had new coil packs and spark plugs less than a year ago fitted by a garage. I have just had the injectors cleaned and they came back flowing fully at 440cc and I've just fitted a new fuel filter still no luck.

Anyone have any ideas? 

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Bulldogs- All the hoses seem fine I've had everything off recently doing some painting and cleaning and didn't see any disconnected or damaged. Ive only just seen the common ICV problem then when googled , Do you know of where i would find it on my car as I've tried google and its not much help. Mines a 1994 wrx


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