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Dump Valves


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When i got my car it already had a blitz dump valve fitted which doesn't make a bad sound but after a while i found it seized up and wouldn't open so i took it apart and cleaned it but now just a month later its happened again and while it is seized the air seems to come from the air filter instead of the dump valve.


So im most likely going to be buying a new one but which brand? i think its fair to say everyone recommends HKS for sound but which model are people using on classics?

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Ive got gfb mach 1 and its really good


Previously i had a gfb hybrid but when i changed to a fmic its a flanged version so i couldnt use it so i bought the above.


Very resonably priced too

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I run a old skool Bailey's with a uprated piston spring on my classic with a fmic.


I assume that you've got your current d.v fitted to the fmic pipework ?


If so any of the "generic" fmic d.v will work even if its a different size .


If you check the Dia of your fmic pipework dump valve "take off" .

Then buy a silicone reducer, to suit that Dia and the new dump valve entrance Dia .


Some where like a.s.h (auto silicone hoses) will probably have them on the shelf .[emoji6]

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