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WRX STI Hatch - Project Dotty


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So after a longer than planned gap away from boosted goodness a turbine compressor flat four configuration now sits on the drive I collected it with 38k on the clock

Apparently a Scooby Clinic build it has the following Spec:

2008 STI, 36K miles, 3000 miles since forged engine build 5 years ago,
6 cd dash changer, iphone connection,
505 bhp  & 525 ft lb on 20% meth
Syvecs S6 GP ECU with syvecs expander
Toucan touch screen display
JDM Hatch Spec C Dual AVCS Heads
SMG linered EJ257 block
Mahle Forged pistons
Manley rods
ARP Studs
Cosworth Gasket
Twinscroll sump
New Billet SC46 (high flow turbine)
Perrin front mount intercooler
Miltek 3' exhaust with quad pipes
Catch can
Forge dumpvalve
SG Motorsports Air / oil separator
New Forged Rays alloy 18x9.5''
Pirreli P0 265/35/18 tyres (6mm tread)
AP 6 pot brakes 330mm disc with Pagid RS29 pads
Ohlins DFV Road & track Coilovers
Perrin Parts:
Fuel Rail Top Feed kit with lines
Inlet Hose 2.4''
Cold Air Intake with filter
Front anti roll bar 25mm
Rear anti roll bar 25mm
Front Endlinks Spherical Bearings
Rear Endlinks Spherical Bearings
PSRS Offset Kit (castor bushes)
Super Steer System (Roll centre extenders)
short shifter & shifting bush
Radiator hoses
Pro 3 port boost solenoid
Map sensor
Black FMIC
radiator shroud with billet mounts
pulley cover


Initial work done -

Noticed rear discs were rusty with fronts shiney - Rear pads were seized solid with crud, calipers threads stripped on removal so

new rear Brembo discs and pads. (Rusty ones will be up for sale once i have checked for any signs of warping)

Noticed a wheel stud had a thread stripped - replaced with new, found the guilty wheel nut!

Rear HEL braided hoses to match front ones and remove OEM rubber

Flush through with 5.1

Stainless steel bleed nipples for the front calipers - rusted originals took a bit of blow torching to free up but fortunately no threads stripped

Perrin front strut brace to match the rest of the engine bay

Kenwood double din unit with NAV and reversing camera and retaining steering wheel controls loom - that took a bit of head scratching and initially sent the unit back as screen went blank - combo of settings and wiring sorted it. Also used an ICP sourced smaller Stereo unit surround - works better than the black plastic adapter kit I bought as the unit has a dial which is hard to turn against the black plastic - would work ok with switches only so will possibly be putting that up for sale soon as well if teh RX doesnt get a head unit upgrade

Rally Armour OEM fit mudflaps - pricey but they do fit really well

Engine flush and oil change

Front diff and gearbox fluid change

Rear diif fluid change - Millars goodness all around

Some genuine Subaru WRX STI Mats - expensive but **** - not as good as the first lot I had, or the plain impreza ones I removed - no rubber spike backing no thick pile carpet - thought I had got some eBay knock offs - will be feeding back to Subaru UK

The Toucan 2 unit has blank screened can communicate to laptop so tried a version upgrade but load failed with check sum error. JT innovations will 'de brick' it at no charge so need to get that to them.

Relocated fog lamp to the two reflector positions on rear bumper and wired in a second reverse light

resprayed the front lower grill with matt black plasticote as the paint was flaking off and showing gold metal underneath

high beam upgrade with MTEC bulbs

PIAA windscreen wipers (Always the first thing I purchase for a new motor)


Stuff in pipeline

New front fog lamps (MTEC) one of the existing is damaged with connectors exposed

Book in for a diagnostic / health check on rolling road as before it locked out antilag and LC could not be activated

Oil temp guage (probably a 60mm defi)

Actually driving it now it has the once over and working up to turning traction control off - sideways with it all on was a slight surprise, but fun.

The front brakes are still wooden (IMO) even with bigger calipers and discs - investigate the master cylinder in comparison to the RX which whilst not as powerful gives more feel and progressive braking over the STI.

Sorting the corrosion and body work - There has been some damage repair - apparently a gouge / gash down the drives side, loads of overspray and bad blending, will try and sort with Angelwax products and my mops but we shall see

Find out if there is a sump baffle in place

Find out if Subaru can reset the alarm so we have a pin code

A mirror self closing loom addition

New wheel nuts as they are corroded and wont polish up

Book a track day - possible brands hatch full circuit or something closer to me 🙂

Generally tidying up as the underside all looks as if it has been parked in a pond for a while possibly the OCD in me will start removing bits to have them powder coated, particularly if I ever park up next to @savage bulldogs, @salsa-king or @majik_thighs Ill know there is a furry undercarriage where theirs are all smooth.....








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About time too , Jay 😊

Got some choice mods already by the looks of things , so more like half way up the ladder than a good base to start from 😎

As for parking next to me at shows ....

Unless you come to Suffolk,  its not gonna be next to the v1sti atm 🙄

Bug is a bit rougher round the edges , so I'd be the one looking to park a few spaces away from you 😂 .

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4 minutes ago, Tidgy said:

does it have ap brakes on it?

Yes it has the big disc and 6 pot caliper conversion on the front, standard brembos on rear

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19 hours ago, Jay762 said:

Yes it has the big disc and 6 pot caliper conversion on the front, standard brembos on rear

pm me the reg plate and i'll see what i can find out if that helps?


there is a silver hatch with monster spec engined one thats out there somewhere, proper linered block etc was built for 600+ with pretty much all the gucci parts you could think of on it

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4 hours ago, Jay762 said:

hmmm it is saying you cannot receive messages?? Is your box full?

😮 how could you ask such a personal question in public 😮


hahaha, whoops yeah, cleared now dude

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Booked in for the airbag and brake leak recall checks with local dealer, asked about the alarm going off, they reckon it is the Battery - particularly as we have just fitted a Tracker. Installed is a DM005 which is slightly smaller than the DL005 recommended by the online sites so have ordered a heavy duty item which also supposed to be good for tuned engines with a slightly higher cranking figure. 

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Removed the cover over windscreen wipers as there are drains either side that get blocked leading to a potential rust risk - found this on my last hatch and I make sure I clean them out. Not too bad on this one but the wiper motor setup was very furry



All clean and water flowing away freely both sides



Wiper unit defurred and covered in ACF50 and grease to keep corrosion away




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You have been a busy boi , I clean under the scuttle panel on all my cars . Ever since my brvs a6 had blocked drain channels.....  you could hear sloshing when he braked 🤔


We got 3.5 litres of rain water out of the under carpet sound deadening alone🤪

 The sloshing was the chassis rails full of water , luckily once we removed the chassis rail bungs underneath the water drained out though 

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Scuttle panel....Thank you, could not remember what the !Removed! thing was called 🙄. All that sloshing would have driven me nuts trying to work out where it came from 😁

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Relocated the Toucan unit from where it had been glued into the centre console but the glue gave way as there was no support across the rear to the right vent housing with an alloy bracket to ensure it can take being pressed without breaking free

In the future I will fill the hole and paint where the vent wheel went






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2 hours ago, Tidgy said:

personally i wouldn't want to loose the vent, but i like my creature comforts hahaha

That was a point of much debate believe me but after trying many locations around the driver area - as well as behind the first vent it was originally installed in, this was where it finally ended up.

Part of the problem was whilst from the driver position it could be mounted and look fine but from the passenger side and through the windscreen it looked pants.

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Spigots - noticed the wheels were rattling on the studs - further investigation revealed whilst there were spigots in place they are not for the Subaru hub

Now sorted all fits properly with no movement - at £4.00 a small ivestment to ensure no vibration of wheels and additional strain on wheel nuts

Orange are the incorrect ones that came on the car, the grey the correct fitting repalcements





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3 hours ago, Jay762 said:

That was a point of much debate believe me but after trying many locations around the driver area - as well as behind the first vent it was originally installed in, this was where it finally ended up.

Part of the problem was whilst from the driver position it could be mounted and look fine but from the passenger side and through the windscreen it looked pants.

i dont tend to drive my car from the outside or passenger side tbh,,,,,, hahaha

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  • 3 weeks later...

It transpires the steering rack was already a 13.1 ratio so spruce up and refit

old bushes with replacement Perrin items20190929_123004.thumb.jpg.50e3308bed020e57258a50a5daa8b189.jpg

Brackets before






Painted and Perrin bushes installed


Back in situ post all threads been chased and dressed


Rose joints greased to prevent the rust that had built up returning, antiseize on threads stainless steel bolts and nuts plus split washers to lock all in place



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On 10/25/2019 at 5:44 PM, savage bulldogs said:

Hows the tear down going ,bud .

Is there much that can be salvaged from the original build or is it a complete restart with new parts ? 

He hasn't started yet 😕 - Its a long story but there have been one or two distractions in his personal life - dodgy wiring almost burning his whole house down for one, expecting to hear something this week

I did find out that the gear box ratio will get 200mph if the engine is allowed to rev to 8500K so I have asked if he can check the heads with that rev limit in mind as well - I think that will def need some parts but that is on me....

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  • 2 weeks later...

Clutch slave cylinder refurb completed




Prepped for paint


Post paint ready for installation also replaced OEM rubber hose with HEL braided item


Assembled, installed and bled




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