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Who to tune

Impreza abuser

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21 hours ago, Impreza abuser said:

Anyone used Duncan at Race Dynamix??

I will build the motor, just need someone that can map it

andy forest called him dung khan, he made a right mess of piggsniffers car (member on here) and has bad working practises, not road testing cars, rushing maps, by passing failed sensors that should be fixed before mapping etc i wouldn't trust him to map my toaster.

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He mapped my Hawkeye WRX at RCM. He done a great job and seems a nice guy. 

As Tidgy said he did not road test the car just the dyno. I was new to all this but Tidgy's point on a road test is a good one. My car had only done 32K and nothing was wrong with it and it is still happy 15K later. Car is standard bar panel filter and produced 229.5bhp stock. He got it to 270 but pulled it back a bit to just under. The torque figures gained from 275 - 345 Ibft. All on BP Ultimate (best fuel local to me), maybe would have got more on V-power but would you notice it, doubtful. Anyway Good luck as someone will always have an opinion on what mapper you use.

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