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WRX STI Hatch - Project Daphne


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This is the new daily (The in-laws 88 toyota camry has had another failure so the RX {Delilah} will be transferred to them as originally planned)  and Dotty (See other thread) will be my project (Previous discussions were around me having a 2 door classic more track orientated spec and build) I am under strict instructions that this is to remain close to an original spec to clear speed humps, pot holes in the car park when visiting hairdresser etc.

Still working through compiling the spec but this is what I have so far

82k on the Shell so needs some correction in places

Ringland failure 2 years ago meant a rebuild using a 2015 STI engine with 19,500 on the clock.

Cosworth Head Gaskets

ARP studs

HKS uppipe

Cobra 3" stainless full system

Cusco Street Zero A coilovers

329bhp mapped by Area 52

GFB VTA dump valve

18" alloys

Grooved brake discs

Perrin wing lifters

NACA intake

Perrin radiator guard




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Soooooo initial plans,

As with all my motors - PIAA wipers

The pops and bangs need to be taken out of the map

The ride height needs putting back to original clearance

The yellow stickers are to go replaced by red or old gold..... Doooo love the JPS Lotus formula one car livery 😍.

On the way back I tried a traffic light launch and the clutch turned into a smoke generator - I received feedback to say I looked a right wally from the missus who was following. So the clutch needs looking at, CC or Exedy stage 2 should hold things in place without making things intolerable.

Oil and filter change

Gearbox and diff oil change

High beam upgrade

LED side lights

Rear parking sensors

Front and rear parking cameras

Work out what this switch does - Already established it is not an "ejecto seato cuz". There is a clifford alarm install so might be something to do with that?



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Whilst its at the mapper getting pops and bangs taken out it would be remiss (I believe) not to have s# mode with flat foot shifting, down shift blip and possible antilag option put in..............😁 

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Basic once over completed.

PIAA wipers fitted

Uprated high beam fitted

LED sidelights fitted

Cosworth Panel fitted

Pollen filter changed

Dynamat lined the boot floor replacing the Subaru sound deadening panel that had lifted due to the oil leakage 

Earth cables had disintegrated so made up some new ones with some amp cable

Engine oil and filter changed - Intention is to repeat every 5k from when 85k is reached in 3k time

Front Diff Gearbox and Rear Diff oil replaced with Motul 300

Started to adjust the ride height and hear a crunch as the jack met with the rear lifting point..... I dont think the £200 on underseal was preventative maintenance, the amount of mud in places I have not seen on my other hatches leads me to think it has been caught in a flood at some point

I will get the sills and arches repaired next year (Once Silver hatch is available) but in the mean time, wire brush followed by zinc primer then black hammerite paint to restrict the spread somewhat and get through the winter

Cossie Panel


Earth cables old and replacement
















Moved the fog lights from Dotty to Daphne as being a daily more likely to get used and means I can put some brake cooler ducts in place and added a Zunnsport grill to hide the fact a little that the fog light plastics had been chopped along with a large portion of the front bumper to aid airflow to the FMIC on Dotty, plus a new numberplate - representing the S.O.C now.


Winge time - This is the second Hatch this has been done to - How hard is it to drill x2 holes in the right place instead of x2 in the wrong place which then start rusting!

x2 holes rusting under the paint - Oh and a reversing camera I installed - forgot about that, also replaced a defective interior mic for the hands free kit


Wirebrushed, Kurusted, red oxided & 3M taped to help seal


Number plate mounted with x2 holes aligned to the manufacturers pre drilled and tapped items - Its not rocket science and doesnt rust


Managed a headlight polish / de-glaze detail and partial paint correction - !Removed! rain showers and years of car washes meant I could not get as far as I wanted - New ride height, standard on rear, 10mm drop up front.

Also removed the Perrin wing risers for two reasons:

1. I kept hitting my head on the hatch which does not open fully with them fitted, no I am too old and stupid to learn so at the point it actually put me on my knees decision was made

2. At a certain speed the wind noise created is ridiculously loud 




Boot dynamat lined


Old and new lamps

The 20Twenty LED indicators whilst canbus friendly flashed too fast so will be replacing with some alternates when they are back in stock. Have also replaced the rear fog and reverse lamp with the same 20Twenty lamps (white) with no issues. High beam is the MTEC product proven before to remind the chelsea tractor drivers they have high beam on  





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  • Jay762 pinned this topic

Yup - not seen the like of it on my other hatches and the amount of dirt I hosed out from the sills front and rear leads me to believe this has been sat under water for some time, it managed to get in places you wouldnt expect it to? But hey ho it will get sorted next year 😊

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  • 3 weeks later...

Replaced the front splitter with one that is not as hard / brittle as where this car goes as a daily it does catch every so often, this way even though slightly larger it does not seem to dig into the ground so much



After - The matt black matches with the matt black in the bumper so does not look out of place


Really hated the bit of flimsy metal rad guard so replaced with the perrin item from the project car (Dotty)





Found the where the oil is dripping onto the exhaust - looks like it is coming out of the bottom of the clutch housing so ordered some plates from ICP so along with the clutch, rear crank seal and gearbox shaft seal should ensure the new clutch is not getting coated - when the garage sorts an MOT and clutch replacement later this week. Keeping a standard plate to maintain the driveability low down, not interested in the few extra bhp higher up rev range for this motor  (Sweets courtesy SprintingHare JDM who provided great service)




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16 hours ago, Psychonaut74 said:

Filth!!. Looks like an awesome project. Very surprised at the amount of tin worm in the pics!!, from such a new car (I'm used to old cars so consider my last 03 as new lol). 

Yes it was a surprise to me as well... I think it was caught in a flood at some point and left to sit

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10 hours ago, steveuk260 said:

Pops and bangs is normally the anti lag, it dumps excess fuel into manifold exploding with heat and keeping turbo spooled while engine is getting new stuff in. Side effect of pops and bangs anti-lag is reduced life of the turbo due to heat.

After living with the car for a bit , have found its only occasional - transition from wider throttle opening to closed and coasting / engine braking so I dont think it is deliberate antilag that is there all the time but the unburnt fuel from the cylinders based upon the map and probably the VTA dump valve that is fitted causing rich mixture.

Either way its ok to live with as not too intrusive, when driven sedately eg through built up areas, it doesnt happen


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32 minutes ago, steveuk260 said:

Cool. I tell you what you done a nice job on the car. 👍

Cheers, getting there - need to spend some more time on paint correction but will sort it eventually

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  • 4 weeks later...

Clutch, flywheel, gearbox and crank seals replaced plus the separation plates. Whilst doing that turns out oil leak was from turbo so a replacement gasket was needed. Covered 200 of the 500 mile recommended bedding in distance - limiting myself to 3500 revs max, short shifting a lot.


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Again I found that there was movement of the wheel on the hub not anywhere near as bad as I found on the Silver hatch but non the less its a simple thing that it appears people get wrong - Spigot ring not the correct size

The red one is the one that came with the car the grey is the replacement I got for the Silver hatch to correct that issue, only 1mm out but it means the wheel is not solid on the hub. I have ordered alloy items to replace the current plastic items





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Fitted the cylinder 4 cooling mod, I used the ICP supplied Fuji Racing kit. The kit was no problem to fit other than the usual fight with spring clips that are too meaty for your fingers but are in a location where you fight to get a set of pliers 😆

Plug to be removed


Replaced by adapter tube


Pipe goes on


Splice into matrix heater feed after cutting the pipe a little




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Whilst turbo out I fitted a prosport oil temp sensor - Initially used a brass fitting but that broke really easily whilst I was !Removed! it in, fortunately I was able to get the broken piece out. You can see in the photo how thin the material is at the point of fracture. replaced with a stainless steel Kingawa item - for more robust



Plug in place


Probe in place


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Refurbed turbo arrived from Fastline Northampton - great service, very fast response.

Turns out the unit that came with the car is a VF34 but it is supposed to have a VF48, fortunately they had one on the shelf, I opted for the optional billet core upgrade.






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