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Dogconker is a Star! (Forza Designs)

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I'm ok with that, I probably will get an xbox one this year but not just yet. I actually don't want you to be able to import graphics otherwise my painting skills become pointless.


The hardest bit on the car was the RC logo on the front edge of the bonnet, which you can't even see   :(


Also, anyone know how to get your Forza photos off the new website, i'm struggling to find where my photos and vids are

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Amazing mate truly  Will boot it up in the morning and grab it might try get a tune sorted for tomorrow if I get time but think it will be next weekend :)

Thanks again I love it :D


And loving the name tags added :) 

I so hope you get on Forza 5 :D 

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Cheers will get them all sorted tomorrow. It does look ace mate I can't believe from what Forza gives you to do the designs you can get it that good. Only down side is you now have to make all the others just as good too stop me racing the hatch just for that design :D 

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