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Morning all, bear with me I'm still new!!

Right I've mentioned before that I have a turbo 2000 and lately it's not being performing how it did when I got it,

After having a good rummage around the engine bay I have noticed there is a hose missing on the nearside of the ht leads, there are 3 pipes that come from the engine pretty low down then the 3 hoses (or in my case 2) head off along side the washer bottle, 1 goes into the black box that looks like an oil filter (I doubt highly that that is what it actually is) then the other go off towards the bulk head.

I am missing the 'middle' one.

If anyone understands what the fluff I'm talking about could you please shed some guidance of what the pipe is for and where the hell it could have gone?!

The car feels to pulsate when driving at a low constant speed, could it be said pipe that is missing that is causing this?

I really need to find someone local that knows scooby's!!

Thanks in advance


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Right I've been on with it this morning changed drive belt and I've traced it using that photo and the hose goes to the fuel pressure regulator !Removed! idiot lol

Any reasons as to why my car is misbehaving the way it is? Suffering a fair amount of turbo lag too it's not kicking in til nearly 4k and it was 3k when I got it,

I've not done anything or changed anything or fiddled, literally just today swapped out the drive belt as it had frayed but that won't have any impact on performance... Or would it?

This is my first petrol turbo so I am finding it hard working out any issues lol

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