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  1. Have you checked rear dif and gearbox oil levels and condition ?
  2. If its a non rusty ,genuine sti ra and the dccd 6 speed is in good order ,It's probably worth around that price . But a bit more info on why it's spares or repairs would help with the sale
  3. Check the vacuum lines for splits especially from the purge solenoid and charcoal canister.
  4. You do have to pay a licence fee to use ecutek but it is probably the most tried n tested way of remapping bug's and blobeyes oe ecus . So although i use a mapper thats good with all marques of cars (not just scoobies ) he knows and owns what software is needed to map each type of ecu's . Maybe try getting a quote off a mapper who already has experience with ecutek and scoobs .
  5. Air intake or inlet manifold leak could draw in extra "unmetered air " too
  6. Does your local mapper map a lot of scoobies ? I think most mappers use ecutek software to map the oe subaru ecu ,what software is your mapper trying to use and has the car been mapped already (if so by who) ?
  7. Furry muff , i just assumed it had the oe phase 1 jdm top entry tdo5 , due to the phase 1 inlet . When i switched from the oe top entry tdo5 to the aps sr40 (stock location gt28) the banjo bolts supplied were much more restrictive. So much so that my hot idle oil oressure increased by 0.8 bar
  8. Nice find, james [emoji41] Did the vf22 come with the banjo bolts and is it a roller bearing core ? As the journal based tdo5 normally needs more oil than roller based turbos so uses a less restrictive banjo bolt .[emoji6]
  9. To add on top of whats been already said .....Seized brakes ,shocks and a fuel refresh before driving on boost
  10. Liking that zorst but i am a bit bias [emoji4]
  11. 350hp (i think) its a semi auto with a veilslide body kit . Pics dont do it justice as dave always keeps his cars looking mint .
  12. Few more pics from the scooby city stand 😁
  13. Cheers gary , not so happy about the tree sap but very gratefull for the shade [emoji41]
  14. Today i mostly be at cars on the green with my local club
  15. Hi tim have you got any deals on 10 w 50 millers nano drive coming up soon ? I've only done 4k since the last change ,so im in no rush but i haven't seen any millers offers come through on the mailing list for a while . Cheers clive