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  1. exhaust system

    Hi SB, do you mean seller:piranhaproducts-uk ? Hmm possibly [emoji55] it was last year lol . I had a quick squint and i couldn't find them on ebay atm . My receipts are in the loft , gotta hide em from the wife somewhere [emoji23] Did have this number on my phone from them though . 01142424009 I had to get the part numbers off cobras website and give them those to get a quote
  2. Nice looking unabused example of the first type r's [emoji41] A mate had 1 of these it made 306 hp with a cat back and filter on the standard map
  3. Just got home and mine turns over but no dash lights other than door open with no power to apexi hand controller,avcr or afr gauge . Im betting on fuse or a dodgy connection for me . Has yours got dash lights ?
  4. Strangely enough my mrs just phoned saying scoob wont start and just keeps turning over...... hope yours starts , cos i aint posting on this jinxed thread again lol
  5. A friends p1 did exactly the same after a plug change ,he took them out dried them with a blow torch and and it fired on the button . Had to leave the car overnight with the mapper so he could adjust the cold start . You could try a tow start (like someone suggested earlier) this might get the initial start up and burn the fuel in the bores
  6. Sounds like the cold start could be the issue as I've had a few friends that run mafless have the same issue . As by the time the mapper has done a base map and got it running right its to hot to do the cold start ,so they have to guess a bit as there's no maf . Have you fitted a intake temp sensor ? As they help with fuel trim when running mafless
  7. exhaust system

    Try looking for piranahperformanceuk seller on ebay . I bought my 3" cobra trackday system from them for under £400 . They're still made by cobra and have the lifetime warranties but the pipework isnt polished (boxes are) and therfore they're almost half price
  8. Just a thought have the parallel lines and fpr been mapped in already , as if the fuel pressure is different on the rails it would throw the fuelling out
  9. Cant say ive ever had a issue with air in the lines and ive had a few engines in and out and at least 6 manifolds off . I do always pop the crank sensor off (so it doesn't fire) and turn it over a few times before initial start up though . Maybe ask your mapper if disconnecting the battery would switch maps (probably would) .if so it could be trying to run on map 1 and hes mapped map 2 for your set up ?
  10. Never owned alcatek but id imagine disconnecting the earth for 10 mins would work . Has it got duel map function ? If so could it be on the wrong map after disconnecting the battery or depressing the throttle in neutral (thats how my old esl used to switch maps) . I plugged the front n rear coilpacks in back to front on 1 bank before it turned over and popped n banged . As the correct firing bank ignites the unburnt fuel in the headders . Inlet manifold earth ok its normally located near where the fuel filter pipes connect to the fuel hard lines
  11. Vac line to the fpr ok ? Tps and temp sensor plugs ok ? Could try disconnecting the crank sensor and turning it over a few times then reconnect ,reset the ecu and try again . Or leave the plugs out for a hour ,dry them off and try again . Id imagine you'd smell fuel if you kept turning it over and it wasn't firing . Id imagine you'd get a few pops if it was fueling ok but firing in the wrong order when turning over . How did you check for spark and did you check all cylinders ?
  12. Is it a single coil pack verison (1 on the inlet v3 to v6) if so ht leads on right ? or 4 coil packs, 1 on top of each plug (v1 v2) . Are Front and rear right on each bank ?
  13. If you can ,store it for a couple of years , once cars hit 25yrs old they are allowed to be imported to parts of the u.s and Prices will improve .. a lot [emoji6]
  14. That was my first attempt at a shiney bay in my v3 uk turbo [emoji16] This is the current v1sti's bay ,i like em clean [emoji6] If you've not removed a classic scooby box before give it a search before you start , cos you have to remove the clutch fork pivot pin to split the engine and box [emoji6]
  15. Only pic I've got to hand