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  1. If the ratio is the same you'll be fine fella Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. Glad it appears to have resolved the issue [emoji41] Sounds like it might have been a airlock of blockage in the heater matrix. You could try attaching a bit of hosepipe to 1 the heater matrix pipes and run that into a bucket .Then attach the other heater matrix pipe to a hose pipe and see if you can flush it through with mains pressure . This might rule out a blockage if it's free flowing or push a blockage out and into the bucket so you can see what was blocking it . Best of luck and keep us posted bud Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  3. Went away for the weekend with the Mrs only 150 mile round trip but having the "rev limiter" (mrs in the scoob) managed the whole trip on about a 3rd of a tank 😎. My antique sat nav did find a really bumpy short cut which the meister r zeta-r coilovers coped with really well ...... however I almost stuck the scoob in a ditch [emoji15] But that was the Mrs fault as she had a low cut top on which was far too distracting [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  4. If your on f.b have a search for "automotive repair panels " as the sell good quality gc8 arch and sill repair panels [emoji6] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  5. No problem, as you have probably seen , I normally post any meets /shows on s.c on here anyways. Duxford is a good family day out and I normally take my mrs and 2 daughters but I've been told to finish the patio in the back garden before I can do anything else scooby [emoji57] Bury is also a good family day out and it's free to get in [emoji41] But if your cars on a stand you can't leave until the public are leaving as they're only insured as a static show . So my wife ,daughters and inlaws pop down in another car and park in the public car park , so they can leave if they've had enough or our typical English weather turns on us lol Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  6. I think a few off My local forum go to this but can't say I've seen anyone post up anything for this year as yet . Unfortunately it's quite quiet on "scooby city" now days (hence why I'm on here more) but they do still have monthly meets in Norwich and ipswich . They also have stands at a few local shows, like next weekend at duxford for their spring car show and a charity event in Bury St Edmunds on father's day (which I'm going to ) So if your after local scooby meets and shows give em a look and introduce yourself in the newbie section tez . As there's not a local meet set up on this forum (in this region ,yet) as there's only 5 or so regular posters in our area ,so we only tend to make the effort to meet up at japshow @ santa pod. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  7. Budget and driving style will have a part to play . The 2.5 has more torque and low down grunt but isn't as "revvy " as a 2ltr . I forged my 2ltr v1 sti cdb myself for under £1.8 k including beer tokens for a machine shop 😉 Rough guide to what I did on a low budget ..... Machine shop work ...Skim all surfaces, 0.5mm over bore, valves re cut ,crank ultrasoniclly cleaned, and all components chucked through his "hot wash" Standard ported v1 sti heads with new oe stem seals and relapped valves . Mahle pistons, Brian crower sport compact rods ,rcm uprated oil pump , cossie h.g's , arp headstuds and big end bolts , acl bearings , kevlar timing with full belt kit , full oe /group n gasket kit and new block bolts . I bought a second hand aps sr40 (u.s stock location gt28) for £200 and had most of the supporting mods already (fmic ,550'cc nismo injectors ect ) Once run in it made enough power to turn my 5 speed into a 4 speed (on a tdo5 16g) . Now runs the sr40 @ 359.9 hp coupled to a 6 speed conversion. I run apexi fc ecu and avcr (sub £500) second hand which is no where near syvec's capability but at a 1/4 of the cost it works well enough for me 😉 Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  8. Inner and outer tie rods might be worth a check ,although when there worn you do tend to get the symptoms in all conditions (straight line and cornering too) Did the old tyres have any tell tale wear to show a alignment issue ? . If so 4wd geo check might be a cheaper way to tell what's wrong before chucking cash at it Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  9. Unfortunately I don't know what else to try tbh , as I've only ever had that 1 "mechanical " issue with my central locking . If you were closer I'd let you try my central locking box , is there anyone else near you that would let you do the same ? I have bought a few things of f.b from a fella called Toby Morgan that lives in your neck of the woods but unsure if he has a box in stock .
  10. Rip fozzy [emoji26] At least it was on the donor list and will help many more scoobs live on . Guess you'll be counting down the days untill you can get another 1 but untill then you can buy cheap fuel to chuck in the focar5e [emoji55]
  11. Tyre foam cleaner works fairly well on plastic arch liners too 😉
  12. Same symptoms as mine , I will admit the clamp was in 1 piece and both bars moved but I noticed a clean section on the rods (where the clamp used to be ) . When I loosened the clamp and pulled the rod that was attached to the internal drivers door lock (orange button in the handle) all doors locked . I Give that a try to see if it locks the other doors maybe ? . As I think the remote opens the drivers door and the rod to the internal lock opens the rest of the doors when it's operated. It was only when I loosened the clamp that I noticed it had a crack in it . Hence the cable ties.
  13. Roll centre correction kit and rear camber bolts , if you intend on running coilovers stiff n low. As it helps reduce bump steer and helps correct the camber on the rear when having a geo set up done
  14. Yep preface v1 to v3 uk classic
  15. Check the clamp that holds these 2 bars together in the drivers door mechanism. Mine had a crack in it letting the 2 bars move separately and not operating the rest of the doors I just used cable ties for a quick fix as icp can't get the clamps new so I'll have to find some off a breaker . Hopefully it's the same issue on yours