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Need a new turbo, but which?

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hi guys

I had my Impreza wrx (blobeye) remapped a few months ago and it wasn't making much power at all, and I was told this was due to a blockage in the CAT up pipe.

After talking it back yesterday and hoping for a better result, it went from 234bhp to 242bhp. They said they tried to run as much boost as possible but think the turbo is damaged due to the CAT just giving up. I am now in need of a new turbo and would like to upgrade, but which one is best? I haven't got a huge budget and will probably be looking at and STI turbo replacement so I can get some more power all together.

Any advice would be really helpful!

Many thanks in advance


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Did you replace the upipe for a "catless" sti one ? As if not it might be worth switching to the sti upipe as well as the turbo .

There's a fair few compatible turbos to switch to and if your current one is a tdo4 they're capable of 280 hp in good condition with supporting mods .

Here's a few of The most common bolt on turbos used to upgrade the wrx and a rough guide of what hp they're capable of with the correct supporting mods . (Decat downpipe ,bigger injectors, headers ect ...)

Tdo5 16g's (front entry converted) about £300 350hp

Vf34 more expensive due to the quicker spooling roller bearing core £450 330hp

Vf35 (pretty much the same as the tdo5 16g cores ) £400 330hp

Vf43 /48 single scroll variants I'm not 100% sure of hp and price but they will break the 300 hp mark

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I did have a standard wrx cat up pipe, and after the first remap I was advised to change it to a sti de cat which I did do. I have a straight pipe from the down pipe back so it's currently sitting with 2 cats down. Only other mods are forge BOV and updated panel filter, half debatin changing this to a cone (cause I'm a fan of the flutter noise) but not 100% due to possibility of power loss.

Where would I go about picking up a new turbo aswell? I know the TD ones you can get on eBay but I'm finisng it hard to get a hold of a VF turbo.

Will be uprating injectors to pink aswell which I have also been advised to do.

Thanks for the info so far aswell, really really helpful. So glad I joined the forums!!!


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As stants said Andy forest does new hybrid tdo's and can work on a exchange basis or the scooby clinic sc36 billet is about a grand .

Pinks are a good upgrade for sub 360 hp, get them fitted just before the remap ,as the fuelling will be to far out from the 440's original map so it will run ropey and best to driven off boost for a short distance until mapped in

Imprezas do suffer a bit more than most with heat soak due to the position of tmic and it not getting air flow when stationery .

most say to stick with the panel filter as it draws cool air from outside the car and normally only fit a induction kit if you need to reroute the intake when fitting a fmic .

Saying that if you do fit a induction kit or cone getting some cold air to it from the inner wing and headlight air duct makes a difference [emoji6]

best advice I could give when looking at new turbos is if it's too cheap it's probably no good and steer well clear of cheap chinky crap .

Also make sure it's for a 2ltr as some of the 2.5 ltr turbos are Laggy on a 2ltr due to using a bigger exhaust housing

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Probably not what you want to hear but a point to consider is your fuel pump. I would budget for an upgrade \ replacement if your unit is the original. All this extra demand may test it leaving you running lean. Check out the rcm options as recently wahlbro have had some negative feedback

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