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Exhaust Blowing....Up pipe issue


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Car went for its "special" mot the other day passed everything fine but my guy tells me the exhaust was blowing which i have noticed but he investigated further and said my up pipe isn't working how it should. Now i have a decatted exhaust and downpipe which are both only a year old so the up pipe could be pretty old now and I'm pretty sure it is still standard. He says this will be affecting the power of my car quite a lot and it does seem to lag on the boost.


Any advice of what brand to go for and best upgrade for power?

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A.S performance sell trick up pipes for about £160 or haywood and Scott sell a slip jointed up pipe which works well and eases fitment (due to the slip joint ).

Avoid up pipes with "flexi's " in and toyo sports versions as they loose power

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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The up pipe is a part of the exhaust manifold, meaning that it gets very hot, especially being next to turbo. I personally would fabricate one from Zisco, they're new to Subaru, but well known in Toyota world and do fantastic job when it comes to exhaust, manifolds and so on.

My up pipe has issues as well, I want to put the OEM one for now and in the meanwhile fabricate something special from Zisco.

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