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I was reading the posts and did not see any derogatory comments aimed at SC or any other tuning company - A thread like this asks for peoples opinions and as such prompts debate. What I did read were statements and counter statements but nothing I would consider slating a particular product in a slanderous way just potential inaccuracies in product specs / design / manufacture.

So with that in mind I will unlock the thread and the debate may continue but members all, please be aware, we as mods cannot have anything that can be considered as slanderous, leaving the forum exposed to libellous action, posted (plus all the other stuff bullying etc) and opinions on different tuning houses / products will always court contention.

Non of us want a sewing circle for a forum so having a heated debate is not something I see as an issue but I would ensure statements made are accurate and factual, preferably with evidence to support, that way we all know where we stand and the locking of threads / deleting of posts is avoided.

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8 hours ago, kershaw-330s said:


I must apologise sometimes I just get a bit ott emoji23.png


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😆 tbh it's very entertaining, and altho maybe a little unorthodox it's actually a great way of gathering information lol lol

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