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Newbie -2009 STI Spec C


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Hi all, newbie here. My name is Paul and I live in Mid Wales. Today I just purchased my first Subaru. Unfortunately it's currently 6000 miles away lol

So 2016 was pretty ****, I figured lets make 2017 fun. This begins with a new toy. I wanted something for for track days, euro road trips and The Nurburgring.

It had to be fast, reliable, able to take a bag or two  and not depreciate like a stone.

The finalists were an E46 M3, Evo 9 GT, Impreza Spec C Type RA Blobeye or Impreza Spec C hatch.

Well yesterday thanks to the help from Torque GT we bid and won this little beauty.

2009 Subaru Impreza Spec C
19,000 miles from new
One owner

Hopefully hitting the water in a week or two before it's 10 week journey to the U.K.

To say I'm excited is an understatement.

Plans are exhaust, filter, and remap which should see 360-370 bhp. Also change the rear lenses for something more subtle.


Oh and I'm well aware of the colour thanks lol










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Totally standard buddy. The colour is unique to the Spec C, which is a Japanese market car only, so no U.K Impreza will be this colour.

Main difference is a 2.0l engine, not the 2.5l. So stronger engine.

Better suspension.

Twin scroll turbo.





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Wotcha and welcome - awesome motor you have there, if you are looking for quite a bit of track work consider fitting also an air / oil separator, a sump baffle and whilst you are in there an uprated oil pickup (OEM ones can fail).

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