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New member with a classic Impreza turbo


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Good evening fellow Impreza owners. I have just taken ownership of my second after about 15 years since the first one. Olive, (because she is green), has a gearbox whurr/whine which I discovered as I drove her back from South Wales to her new home in York. i am a competent DIY mechanic but geraboxes are beyond my capability. Any suggestions as to what this may be and the best way of addressing it would be gratefully appreciated. The car is a 2001 classic model, unmolested and has 128k on the clock. It was the subject of an article in last months Classic car mag which was largely why I bought her - totally original and I intend to keep her that way and enhance her attractiveness over the coming months. I look forward to your feedback. Many thanks.

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Aaaah local(ish) lad, I'm in Thirsk :-) gearbox wise...the cheapest option if your feeling brave is to pull the box out your self and either have a rebuild done or fit a second hand unit if your feeling trust worthy. Definitely recommend a clutch change whilst your there. I'd offer my services as mechanic however my workshop is full atm

Oil is probably the best place to start tho 😋

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yeah my old wagon started whining , i left it for ages then it got really bad as your in fifth it was groaning and making weird noises


Rear diff isnt a bad job pretty much driveway job.


Centre and front diffs are gearbox out job but might aswell buy another gearbox for£100

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