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Any cheap subaru impreza about for a little project. £300


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Hi. As Rpschesterfield says, eBay and gumtree are your best bet. I've had a quick look and while there's a few for under £500, I wouldn't buy one personally. They would be complete money pits. Save your cash up a bit more and aim for the £700 - £1000, lots more to choose from. Is this going to be a first car project?? 

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On 27/02/2017 at 8:29 AM, matt said:

Why bother with na ? They are crap 


but yeah you can find them as they aren't that sought after 

Haha dont sugar coat it mate. Strait in and boooom 💣

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19 hours ago, W444AJD said:

@matt lol cheers mate, i happen to love my wee NA wagon.  160bhp, 0-60 in 8.5 secs, it's not a turbo sure, but its far less crap than many other cars on the road...

lol sorry i never owned one but dont intend to, i wouldnt brag about those figures even in a NA thats not good



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I think some of you are missing the OP's point! He's 14, the way car insurance is heading for young drivers I guess it would be 10+ years before he could have a turbo on the road. I personal loved my NA and those figures are not bad. I've owned slower. So I say give it OP a break, an NA car is a good place if he wishes to strip the engine learn about it and rebuild it. Wish I had done that at 14 years old.

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Subaru isn't the same as Ferrari.. they make performance cars and other cars aswell. 0-60mph time for a daily driver doesn't mean much, I can use my NA for my second job delivering food alright with all the benefits of driving a Subaru, without having to worry about cooling down, mpg etc.

I know two other people delivering with imprezas, the guy with the turbo had to convert to LPG to make it worth while.

Why not get another car? He loves driving his Subaru, he gets paid to drive it.

Why don't I get a turbo Subaru? I want a car with good handling, never gets stuck, okish mpg that I could use for commuting to my main job and also use as a delivery car. ...also no space on the drive as 3 cars altogether.

Anyway, that's why some people can live with NA!

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Ive had 4 classic sports

Loved them when i was younger but id never have one again as ive felt the wrath of the sti now

If i had to have an n/a car with insurance do able for a 17 yr old id go for a mk5 golf gt tdi mapped n mods ul see 200bhp and they pull like a train

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