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New member in Rotherham (South Yorkshire)


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Hi I'm Dave just joined up as a new member. I have just recently purchased a 56 plate Subaru Impreza wrx sti 2.5 turbo. So far so good with car no major issues apart from the stock radio and speakers, will have to upgrade those as soon as possible, I will be posting up multiple pictures of my new sound system rebuild, had to take all of my equipment out of my previous car (pice of s**t Vauxhall corsa) lol, I will post up a pic of my Subaru and I will post a pic of the build of the corsa too to give you guys an idea of what I'm going to do but this is going to be better than that, go more ideas and more room to work with especially in an estate, I will be modifying the vehicle too I.E. engine and suspension.


look forward to speaking to some of you guys to get more ideas and opinions/comments positive or negative as both are constructive criticism, 






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Will do but tbh despite my 26 years of age I would rather meet with the older generation than the boy racers that like to rag there Honda civics at Meadowhall lol. And yeh not far at all tbh, what kind of mods have you done to yours maybe could gat a few ideas for mine but the one thing I won't do is the most common ones that you see on a daily basis if you know what I mean lol.

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Im only 28 lol

Well ive got a 2003 blobeye sti and so far ive dun

Remapped at scooby clinic

3" turbo back exhaust

Perrin induction kit

Wahlbro fuel pump 

Uprated spark plugs

Front mount intercooler

Hella supertones

Rally sti flaps

Sti fog covers

Ht front splitter

Fly eye headlights

Full limo tints all round

Front and rear strut braces

Hid headlights

Debadged grill

Perrin wing stiffies 


Also its back at scooby clinic tomoz for map tweek and new dump valve also my coilovers should be here monday lol


Not bad to say ive owned it 6 weeks lol

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Not bad pall well as I said I'm going to focus on my system first just spent out another £600 on more equipment for the sounds and then I will start on the car itself don't know wether to do the engine or the suspension first but want a set of teins on it needs better rims too and a 4 wheel alignment good thing is I can do most of the work myself apart from the mapping etc.

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Just nail it in stickers and be dun with it dont listen to old man kane he noes nowt and he wud stick with the wireless over a sound system anyway

Respect (still down wi kids me)

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Nah I want sounds, I will do do sounds first as it will do a lot of weight to the car especially with 3 amps 2 power caps a slave Battery and 2 alpine type r 12 inch.

suspension will be done after so I can get the right ride height after new wheels and then I will get a second hand engine and re build it from ground up forded pistons and all that jazz.



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Lol ul need 2 engines wi all that weight i suppose as your only 26 and very young i wouldnt understand

Sound systems are sumit from max power magazine lol 

@mattiekane used to be in shorts laid over cars in fast car mag

Quite the cheeky one ive been informed

I have a 7" dvd/cd/bluetooth player and its never turned on.

If the engine sound isnt enough uve bought the wrong car lol


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Thanks guys and yes a big difference funny thing is i Had a golf trying to race me on the a1 tonight 😂😂😂😂 let's just say he didn't stand a chance lol, then I slowed down and he would overtake me so I just floored it and overtook him again was quite funny 😂. Wouldn't have been able to do that in the corsa.

@RpsChesterfield I like both of engine/exhaust and sound system I used to put the corsa in sound comps and one a couple of private ones before I moved out of London, I would like to do that again but this time it will be more powerful as only had 1 sub amp and power cap powering both 12" now I have 2 amps and 2 power caps just got to build it into the boot well and sound proof it too can't forget that.


would like to know if there are any meets going on soon would like to go and meet a few people and get some tips and ideas.

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