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would 3 be wrong?


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With the death of the volvo im looking at new daily's. I have the possibility of a 2006 hawk WRX wagon. Engines already been done so don't have to worry about that.


But would it be wrong to have 3 scoobs in the family? My mrs's bug sport, my weekend toy Type R and then a dialy Wagon wrx?

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2 minutes ago, Sandals said:

I'm totally not surprised by everyones response to this... considering it's a Subaru forum XD

I was thinking exactly the same lol.

Definitely not too many. I'd have more if we could afford it and had room for more than one!

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11 minutes ago, Tidgy said:

After going through the pile of receipts that came with the car it turns out it has a PPP fitted. Explains why it felt like it had a bit more grunt than the other one we road tested.

Nice wee Brucey Bonus

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