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Hi All!!!

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Greetings all,


I have proudly just purchased a 2002 Forester S-Turbo Auto, I'll be collecting it this Thursday. I have always wanted to own a Subaru's since I was about 15 and at now 32 I finally own one!

Tbh, it was always an Impreza i had in mind but now with 2 large dogs and test driving a friends Forester STI improt, the Forester seemed a little bit more practical. A 1.4ltr engine is the most power i have ever owned so it also my first "performance" vehicle owned (if you want to call it that).

I'll be looking to make performance upgrades over time, nothing too crazy, so any tips of some good start-up mods will be very much appreciated!


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So this is how I purchased the Forester. Looking forward to restoring this and adding a few basic performance mods. Just need some advice on what. 

I'm thinking exhaust, air filter panel keeping the original air filter box and a BOV. 

Overall I'm soo happy with it, for my first project car I'm really excited to see the end product.  

There's a subaru specialist not too far from me called Triton Motorsport in Christchurch I will pay a visit to next week but any help here will be great.  





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I have a full custom exhaust for sale if your interested, 3" turbo back sorts cat and twin resonated in the middle, made by cobra sport in Sheffield its about 2 years old And has a 25 year guarantee will be off the car Monday



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Looking for £400

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