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Central locking problem HELP!

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I have a 94 WRX import

My central locking didn't work when i first bought the car 2 years ago but was easily fixed by a second hand central locking box. Now it seems it has gone again only this time a new box hasn't worked. I first realized this after i had finished soundproofing the doors and when i finished for the day i locked the car. When i came back to it in the morning i opened the rear right door to get something out the back and the alarm started going off however the drivers door remained locked so i thought i have maybe done something while soundproofing the drivers door.

The connection to the central locking box located under the passenger footwell has corrosion in the box and on the end of the connectors of the wiring so i got a replacement box and new connectors on the end of the wiring yet still nothing.

There seems to be a wire that runs inside the door that isn't getting power but i don't know if this has anything to do with central locking. I will add picture of it below.

It has always been abit temperamental like if you slightly moved the box the car would unlock or wouldn't work again till you moved it again yet now i cant get anything out of it.

Have checked every fuse as i didn't know which one it could be and nothing wrong with any of them.

This is a pain as I've spent a day trying to sort this out and got nowhere does anyone have any ideas? The drivers door is the only one that locks and unlocks. The picture below is a wire i found plugged in but doesn't seem to be getting any power.





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Hello Bulldogs yes you can hear the the drivers door locking and unlocking fine but the other doors make no sound.

Replaced black central locking box under passenger footwell

Checked wiring to the box which the plug did have corrosion on so i cut the plug from the wires and put connectors onto the ends of the wires straight into the new central locking box and still nothing

checked the fuses under bonnet and under steering wheel

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Check the clamp that holds these 2 bars together in the drivers door mechanism. accbeead7677a238f90712a7a4f05f40.jpg


Mine had a crack in it letting the 2 bars move separately and not operating the rest of the doors



I just used cable ties for a quick fix as icp can't get the clamps new so I'll have to find some off a breaker . Hopefully it's the same issue on yours

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 Bulldogs - Just been out and checked the clamp it all seems fine no damage and it works fine both bars moving locking and unlocking the drivers door fine.

With the old central locking box fitted with corroded terminals it made the sound of locking and unlocking when i wobbled it with my hand but would still only work on the drivers door.

The picture below- the red and black wire don't have any power going to it which I'm not sure what they control.

The bottom wires do have power going through them.


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Same symptoms as mine , I will admit the clamp was in 1 piece and both bars moved but I noticed a clean section on the rods (where the clamp used to be ) .

When I loosened the clamp and pulled the rod that was attached to the internal drivers door lock (orange button in the handle) all doors locked . I


Give that a try to see if it locks the other doors maybe ? .


As I think the remote opens the drivers door and the rod to the internal lock opens the rest of the doors when it's operated.



It was only when I loosened the clamp that I noticed it had a crack in it . Hence the cable ties.




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Just been out to the car and tried what you said in the last message unfortunately still no luck. Ive tried the old central locking box with the new connectors on the wires to see what happens and now i don't get any sound at all just completely dead but there is power going through the wires.

I am wondering if my original box has gone and maybe the replacement box i got hold of had already broke as it had just been sat in a old turbo in a scrap yard. Is it worth me trying to get hold of another second hand one from eBay or do you not think its a box problem?

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Unfortunately I don't know what else to try tbh , as I've only ever had that 1 "mechanical " issue with my central locking .


If you were closer I'd let you try my central locking box , is there anyone else near you that would let you do the same ?


I have bought a few things of f.b from a fella called Toby Morgan that lives in your neck of the woods but unsure if he has a box in stock .

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If you have a multi meter start swinging through and check for continuity of the leads as all the fuses are fine - not sure from your write up (its been a long week) but is there power coming out of the box when activated to trigger the door motors?

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