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Worst cars you've ever owned


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Interesting to see where we've all come from in our car histories time to name and shame some of the ones we'd rather forget !

Mine has to be a 94 nissan sunny saloon, had had a front end nudge so it was a two tone red & metalic blue combo. Smelt like wet dog as had leaky sunroof and rather worryingly crabbed down the street most spectacularly.

rather unsurprisingly failed the only m.o.t I put it through I'm proud to say I'm still alive as I left the test station with 5 pages of yellows and 3 reds ranging from binging calipers, worn bushes etc to the final nail in the coffin, some horrific structural tin worm [emoji33] how I managed to drive it for 10 months and not kill me or anyone else, is a mystery.

On the flip side all the electrics worked and I didn't pay a penny for it even managed to het a ton back when I scrapped it [emoji51]

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a Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8GLi, detuned SRi engine so went ok however the rest of the car was not up to it, brakes, tyres and suspension were awful, as a consequence it understeered and locked the front wheels at every opportunity meaning I left the road on more than a few occasions - traded it in for a VW Scirroco after a few months and then successfully managed to go around corners :P

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Worst Car. Mini Clubman 1000


Bought from a dealer next door to a scrapyard.

Leaking exhaust Manifold, exhaust gases cam into cab through air vents.

Had to pump the clutch to get it to work. (hydraulic clutch)

Same with breaks

Hole in boot you could fit your arm through and touch the road.

Rotten Sills,


Sold it to scrap yard as it wouldn't pass an mot. Saw it for sale for £300 the next week on the side of the road woit 8 months MOT. LOL


Car History:


Fiat Strada Super 85

MinI Clubman

Ford Orion

VW Beetle

Ford Fiestsa


Period of company cars

Various Rover's 200,400,600

Ford Foucus, Mondeo, Fiesta,


Impreza Classic

Ford Fiesta runabout whilst classic was off the road

Current Impreza

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1996 Ford Mondeo 1.8td very dark days indeed. I bought it to replace a Honda Prelude 2.0EX, loved that car is it had pop up headlights. Sadly not the Mondeo, the most boring dull car I ever owned.

My history in order with emoji ratings:

1966 Landrover LWB Safari [emoji5]️

Opel Manta GTE Coupe [emoji4]

Opel Manta modified car [emoji7]

Honda Prelude EX [emoji2]

Ford Mondeo 1.8td [emoji24]

Mazda 323 Sport [emoji39]

Honda Civic EX 2.2D [emoji5]️

Honda Civic Type S 2.2D [emoji4]

Honda Civic EX 2.2D [emoji19]

Subaru XV 2.0D [emoji7]

Obviously the 2 opels were actually the same car but it was a total rebuild. New engine gearbox etc, even a different colour. so I call it a different car

To be honest with the exception of the Mondeo I don't think I've had a bad car history

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Had motorbikes when I passed my test at 17,didnt do car test till I was 21.Wouldn't say it was the worst but engine blew up after 2 days as the previous arsehole had literally glued the sump together,so bought another engine for it,which took ages and fitted it and it would only run on 3 cyclinders so auctioned off and £250-!Removed! off or what!


Alfasud twin spark

Capri 1.6 laser

capri 2.0 s

capri 3.0 s

Rover sdi 3500 v8

Capri 2.0 ls

Fiesta 1.4 ghia

escort 1.6 gl

Mg maestro

Mg metro

Rover sdi 3500 v8(bought it back again)

astra 1.6

fiesta 1.25 zetec

Mg zr120

Mg tf

Ford cougar 2.5v6 xpack

saab 93 convertible

Impreza sti

Mg zr160

Impreza uk turbo

Impreza sti (bought back again)

Mg zs180 v6

Frontera 2.0 pile of ****

Focus st170

Present Impreza

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Some interesting cars there,

Mines as bland as you can get, mainly having a company van it's a bit patchy,

I started off on mopeds (how else is a 16yo spotty oik supposed to impress the ladies) but after being skewered by a knobhead coming out of a junction on my twist and go mild seven piaggio rep i was banned by my mum for ever having another road bike while she graces this earth, still didn't stop me from trying to kill myself on various field bikes [emoji16]

Lwb rwd transit

Nissan sunny (see above)

Berlingo van (bulletproof)

Ford fiesta van, (horrendous)

1.8 laugna saloon (heaviest clutch in world)

1.8 laugna estate (so rusty when i jacked it up the jack came through passenger's footwell)

Swb transit

1.4 escort (never needed to change oil as had constantly top up, porous sump)

2007 Citroen dispatch (bag of ****)

Mk1 jdm mx5

Luton transit (current)

Forester [emoji16]

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a 2002 Mitsubishi L200; crap diesel engine with a design failt IMHO. this kills the crank pulley and then cutting the cam belt and the rest of the engine is then history.


kicked it out of my live after 3 months what makes it also the shortest vehicle in my possession.

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Hope you don't mind a newbee joining in.


Toyota corola 1200sr, Rear ended outside my house and never caught the buggers.

Mk V Cortina. Complete with rotten wishbones in boot


Company cars

Maestro 1300 van. Big end made a dramatic exit through the sump on the M6.

LWB Transit

Astra 1.7 D non turbo. quicker to walk

Cavalier 1.7 CD

Vectra 2.0 CDX, Getting better

zafira 2.2

zafira 1.9 cdti 150 bhp


Back to my own cars

Landrover Disco 300tdi

Scooby Legacy 2.5 GX


Forgive me if i'm out of order mentioning my bike but I love my Yamaha Fazer 8. 0-60 under 3.5 sec and 74 in first gear.

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I dont know if its a worse car... maybe just simply old... buy I have an old beetle in Uruguay that is 1.3... 40 hp... and consumes almost double of what my scooby does... xD


One of the worst cars that I had the "pleasure" of driving, was the Fiat "Uno"... for god sake! why there are so many???? It was the drivers academy car... on one of the classes, the engine felt from the mount... I guess that says it all... xD

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Both cars unfortunately died the Cortina I got stuck in a massive puddle water came !Removed! through the doors the lot I had to climb out the window to get out  :lol:


And the metro got slammed side on into the River Humber Bank when I was lets say an attempt to pretend I was a rally driver on a gravel track and got the corner very much wrong. I still remember the tape cassettes flying around  :lol:

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I've been very fortunate and never written off a car, though I had a few scares that's for sure. I spun the manta I had on a very fast bend in the rain, open mantas had a live rear axle and were well known for sliding on bends if you put your foot down too early, I did and spun down the middle of an a road coming to rest on s junct facing the wrong way, went round at least twice but amazingly hit nothing

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mk2 astra , put gte kit on it, had electric windows 1.4 went like hell fora first car

Corsa 1.4 SRi didnt own long sold on quick!

cavalier Gsi , Loved this car

Vectra 1.8 SRi - Modded the hell out of this had it ages

306 Dturbo estate (COmpany car)

1997 V4 impreza

98 Landrover 110 Defender LWB - Great fun! cheap to run with the impreza (company car)

97 Audi Cab painted it in flip paint

2000 Vectra SRi with c20let conversion...... Ummm was a nightmare to own!

98 Vectra CDX 2.0 (got it for free !)

2000 Omega V6 saloon fully slammed and pimped out

94 WRX (Got as a project and never finished)

2000 Omega V6 manual estate with prodrive extras.... wrote it off within 4 weeks

2001 Vectra SRi estate stop gap car was ok but i broke it for parts

1999 Ford KA (got it ages ago for the mrs but i got her a 2009 Astra and i was inbetween company cars... Ended up with a RS1600i lump in for 2 weeks

E36 bmw 318i auto estate, New job, waiting for new company car and i just started my house refurb project so needed a van / estate... This was a low mile 2 owner 80k minter... i paid 425 quid for it!! Work were paying me 40p a mile and it ate the miles with ease was pocketing loads of extra cash!) sold it 5 months later for 760

98 Impreza V4 wagon in white, one owner from new, modded it and sold it a year later

2002 Mondeo TDci estate company car - waiting for my new one went like **** of a shovel!

2012 Skoda TDi estate (currently own)

E36 328i cabby, nice motor, stuck nice wheels , coilovers on m3 kit... had it six months

1999 Impreza Mica blue wagon (Currently own)

1997 Impreza Green wagon sold on quick

1976 MGB GT currently in a lock up, never driven it, only sat in it for a few minutes!!!

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Now, my list isn't that impressive but I will share... with pictures!


Car number 1 I learned to drive in, passed then drove for a few months then crashed (turned too early, clipped the verge, span and flipped onto my roof).

This is my Ford Fiesta MK3 1ltr



The 2nd car I got was a month after my crash, spent ages looking and finally found one. Straight away it needed a cambelt but with me knowing a mechanic it wasn't a problem. This car never let me down! Drove it in the snow and everything, great fun. What is it i hear you asking...

This is my Ford Fiesta MK4 1.25ltr




Now for the 3rd car, this is the worst I've owned so far :(. It was an impulse buy as it's got more power and a lot more comfortable. However it had a few problems, the wheel bearing kept going and took a lot of hours to replace due to rusted C clip. Best was when I came to a junction and my brake line ruptured, made for an interesting drive home indeed. Then a month later the other went! By then I had mastered driving with little brakes ;).

This is my Hyundai Accent 1.5i CDX




The 4th car I owned for 2 years as I loved it, again more power and really good handling. It wasn't without problems but I figured just chuck money at it and it will be fine, which is was. It's the first car I had bought with all my money costing £4k! Which isn't a lot to most people I know. One problem I remember was is kept warping brake discs, no matter how careful I was... I even put expensive ones on which lasted a long time before the warped. In the end we figured out it was a bent hub!

This is my Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6ltr




The 5th and final car is one you all know....

This is my Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0ltr



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Many years ago old friend of mine had a Lada with twin choke webers on it. Got 105mph down hill with 4 of us in it.

Haha, my firs car the 1966 Landrover had had a little work done before I bought it and would do over 100mph, problem was it had drum brakes all round which meant every mph you went over 100 added another mile to your stopping distance. Oil tankers could stop quicker than 2.5t of Landrover with drum brakes.

I had a brake failure in it once and run into the back of an Audi, just tapping it so I thought, actually collapsed the boot right up to the rear windscreen wrote his car off. I had to straighten out my aluminium number plate before driving home [emoji4]

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Couldnt do handbrake turns on the '66 Landrover as the handbrake was a strap around the drive shaft. I'm not 100% sure, but I imagine that stopping the drive shaft turning while the engine and wheels are turning is not good. The Opel manta didn't need handbrake just a quick flick left to right and you'd be in a full powerslide. In the rain you just had to let the wheels spin because they were going to whether you liked it or not

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my cars was

MK1 fiesta, !Removed! gold colour with a whopping 950cc,oh you could feel the power lol,i loved it as it was my first car.

MK3 escort 1.3L,timing belt snap't on me at 90mph 

MK4 escort 1.3L

MK2 fiesta 1.1

mini clubman with a MG metro 1.3 turbo engine in it,that thing moved like a rat with its **** on fire 

MK3 fiesta RS turbo

MG metro 

another MG metro,i didnt learn 

MK5 escort worst car i have owned as it use to just turn its sell off for no reason at the worst times n wouldnt go again for days.

peugeot 205 xs

peugeot 306 xs

old orion 1.6i ghia,sold it for 100quid 3 months later police kick my door in as it was used for ram raddin,remember to get log book changed when u sell a car lol

subaru impreza 2.0 sport  :)

ford focus 1.6LX 

subaru impreza 2.0 sport  :)

Now i own a MK2 capri 1.6 resto project,left to me when my dad past away.

and my 2003 impreza WRX :)

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I've had over 30 cars  so here's a few of ...

The worst

Old k plate mini van

steering wheel off a bus , sliding front windows and a 850 engine which blew up 24 miles after I bought it .

2ltr montego

Leaky sun roof and drank more oil than petrol

mini clubman estate

Had it just under 2 hrs before I went "duke's of hazard" style over a hump back bridge and snapped all 4 strutts .

Some of the best .

200 hp Renault 5

Touque steered it's self around round abouts .

Mk1 2 door escort

1760cc full burtons race engine lit up the tyres in 3rd .

Mk1 astra gte

Handled sweet as

Vectra b design edition .

V6 24v 3ltr omega engine conversion ,full leather loads of toys .

Current v1sti or the mk1 escort is probably my favourites [emoji4]

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Couldnt do handbrake turns on the '66 Landrover as the handbrake was a strap around the drive shaft. I'm not 100% sure, but I imagine that stopping the drive shaft turning while the engine and wheels are turning is not good. The Opel manta didn't need handbrake just a quick flick left to right and you'd be in a full powerslide. In the rain you just had to let the wheels spin because they were going to whether you liked it or not

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Like my old school teacher used to say.  Must try harder :rolleyes:

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