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Sound proofing and gearbox's


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Now my mapping is all sorted I'm thinking whats next this won't be for a while but I'm just brain storming. The car seems to rattle about feels like a track car with a lot of road noise and vibrations I've heard that the foam matting is good for solving these issues just wanna know if any other classic owners have tried this or if they know what I'm saying.

Secondly i think i may need a 6th gear as i do motorway journeys a fair bit and wouldn't mind a non boost cruising gear to help the mpg , my car was originally a 1994 WRX import so does anyone know how i would go about getting a 6 speed?


Thanks for you help as always :)

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A 6 speed conversion is mighty expensive. You'd need all the running gear and hubs from an sti for it to work. Shafts and duff, the whole shabang. Last set up I see on eBay was going for £1700.

As for road noise, that means your zorst isn't loud enough. 😈😉 Has it got poly bushes, droplinks or arb upgrades? I noticed mine was a lot stiffer and fed a lot more road feel through the car after I upgraded those parts.

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Do you just have the standard gearbox or have you gone through that process? sounds expensive!


Hahah the exhaust is just straight through makes a hell of a good noise! To be honest i have looked at some of the bushes and noticed the rubber has split or is very warn 

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Classic sound deadening is woeful, along with the !Removed! oem speaker set up you can't win, best option is to go new age as it's noticeably better. Joking aside Dynamat is good stuff not cheap but it's not that bulky and doesn't add much weight,

You can also get spray in stuff for those hard to reach areas that matting can't get into

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