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Hello.... help!!!


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Hello all my names Alex. 

I have just bought a classic impreza uk2000. Unfortunately after a few days ownership I have thrown a rod and shattered the short block. I am looking for help and information as to sourcing either a full engine or short block to rebuild. Not having much luck atm 😣

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The short block from the link is more than I paid for the car hahaha I've picked up a bargain. W reg uk2000 with 80k full service history. Spotless body etc. I was ideally looking for a second hand drop in lump.... for now. This is my first subbie. I've had a few jap monsters in my time (400bhp pulsar gtir, 600whp r32 gtr to name the most powerful). I have found a few online but all seem to be wrong version.

It had just had a oil service before I bought it. Engine was quiet but driving around I noticed a drop in oil pressure, so pulled over to investigate then started knocking badly and them "boom". I'm thinking oil starvation from a incorrectly primed oil change.

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Even second hand long engines are 800ish. If you find a short engine you'll still need to pay out for machine work and head gasket labour.

Ive never known an oil change to cause so much of an issue. Must've had a huge amount of movement on the rod to blow a hole in the block at idle too.

Quick eBay search returns this: Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191978483389

Buying second hand is such a huge risk. Most classics are now on high miles and even then there's no way to prove what mileage is on that engine. If it's a breakers yard there may be a car sat there with 60k on the clock that somehow has spawned 3 different engines all with those magic words "low mileage". You could end up back in the same position in 2 months time only £800 more out of pocket.

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