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2.5 inserted short engine

happy hector

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If anyone is interested I have a completely built 2.5 short engine. It has an inserted top deck with 14mm studs and integral dowels. There is a new later nitrided crank installed and Williams steel rods with Mahle 100mm forged pistons. Competition bearings and ARP bolts. I don't mind taking it apart in front of a prospective buyer but I can assure you it is built correctly to exacting tolerances. Sadly I am leaving my Subaru and moving into a new area of boxer engines! It cost me almost £3000 to get it this far but Christmas is coming so no reasonable offer refused.

P1020134 (2).jpg

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Very tempting if I'm being honest, wasn't looking to build one till next year so am a bit hmmmmm, piggysniffer is what my daughter named me when she was small due to all my twitching and sniffing, or "sniffing and piggering" as she called it, which then got shortened to piggysniffer lol

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Thanks for that.

Alyn at AS Performance did the inserts vapour blat and ultrasonic cleaning. Supplied and tapped for 14mm studs.

Hammond at Deeside did the rebore and hone. Crank from Subaru UK. Rods from Andy Williams Holywell. Bearings from co-ordsport.

Built by me Graham Hickman with 35 years engine building experience.

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