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what did you get for Christmas for your car


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If my mrs ask's me then i say i bought it nothing,but really i have bought it a set prodrive alloys for after winter,some prosport gauges and a sti spoiler.dont tell her though she will get upset the car had more spent on it [emoji3] oh and the mrs bought it a xmas tree to go on the dash which when turned on at night lights up red so looks like a working girls office window [emoji3] [emoji53]

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4 minutes ago, Phillip1993 said:

I was thinking of doing that as well let me what pump you use as iv gotno clue in the external ones

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Yeah will do I might do something unusual. 

My mother wants to buy me an alloy radiator for Christmas she hates the car and thinks it's taking all my money so I was very confused when she said she want to get it for me 😂 She saw my parts list and was like I'll buy that for you. 

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1 minute ago, JamesJDMwagon said:

I saw a rally car running a 2.5l block with what I'm guessing was classic Heads because the inlet manifold was classic. I was wondering what that takes to do. Might be Cheeper then a stroker 

  1. Iv herd some bad story's about them 2.5 blocks
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3 minutes ago, Phillip1993 said:

Not weak as per say but I herd of them using a lot of oil winch is probably more to do with the pistons but iv herd of the bores deforming but I think that is only on the ODB

I heard of a couple forged ones that use oil now you mention it was watching one on YouTube. 🤔 

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