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Sevice Prices


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3 hours ago, CraigXV said:

So my XV is going for MOT and its 5th service at the weekend.

Its going to a legit Subaru dealer.

What sort of prices would you guys be expecting?

Mine is going in for its 60k service which is also its fifth, its a diesel version and it's costing me £247 all in, it's not that expensive to be fair, cheaper than my Honda Civic was. And that is at a Subaru dealer. 

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If it's out of manufactures warranty then go for it find a speacilist subaru place and you'll save a fortune,

My local main subaru dealer wanted circa 1300 quid for a cam belt change and major service, my local speacilist did it for half that, it's a 70 mile round trip for me but well worth it

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Our XV is in for a service today (4th year) they are wanting £510! (AF Noble - Penicuick)

As its there or Ian Grieves in Falkirk (whom I don't think did a wonderful job last time) I've bit the bullet and told them to go ahead with it.

Will report back what they do.

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Just had a call to say that the front Brakes were getting thin and that they would need to do discs and pads.

Wanted £345 to do them, and that was a reduced rate as the brakes were already in bits :ohmy:

£87.36 per disc
£124.00 for Front Pads
£45 fitting (Half an hour as brakes were apart for the service apparently)

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On 25/05/2017 at 0:45 PM, Sirspidey said:

Seems a bit steep for pads??

That's what I thought. So told them to put it back together and I would do it myself.

Tidgy, your right, way cheaper to go through ECP or the likes.
Part of where I work does truck maintenance, so I managed to get pads disks and a fitting kit for under £100 through a local motor factors

I'll fit them when they start to grind.

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