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Here is my dark grey 330s, I've had the car nearly four years now, and in that time it's had a forged engine, BC Racing coilovers, Work Emotion D9R wheels 18.9.5 et38 in matte bronze, HT Autos front splitter, Bayson R side skirt extensions, couple of powerflex bits on the front, hella supertones and few little perrin bits in the engine bay.

Not really sure what the future plans are for it, I'd like to get the front end painted as it's showing it;s age, but I'd also like to spend a bit of time tuning it, for now at least I'm happy with it as it is, so just keeping it clean and tidy.

I know it's now to everyone's taste either.:rolleyes:





16665065_10154894256970600_3861050800343773076_o (1).jpg

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Following the map after the work to forge it 318, would love to get a bit more out of it though. 

Not a big fan of the shows at pod, the ones I've  been to in the past the cars have been really crammed in with hardly any room so it put me off, not sure if thats still the case, I've had my fair share of bad luck at shows with door dings (granted that was in my clio) so tend to be a bit more cautious lol

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