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Whats your Suabru's nickname?


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Mrs calls it "her" normally cos she says I "spend more time n money on her than my wife".

Kids call it the "beaSTIe" .[emoji4]

I just call it "the scoob" [emoji57]

Normally cos the wife asks what's that parcel for or what are you doing on your day off ?

"The scoob " is normally my reply [emoji23]

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The wife calls it the yobbo car coz its loud and in your face haha and the kids call it sonic the hedgehog coz its been painted in sonic blue and has daft spikey things on the roof above the rear window which tbh i'm not a fan of so will hopefully come off when i get round to getting it resprayed coz who ever done the paint job hasn't done a very good job looks ok from a distance but up close its a bit rough i just call it the scoob 😆

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