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should i debadge it or not


to badge or not to badge  

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  1. 1. shall i debadge ????

    • fully badged up. SUBARU / IMPREZA / STI / TYPE UK
    • just SUBARU / STI / TYPE UK
    • just STI / TYPE UK
    • fully debadged

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recently some pleb hit my moving car from the back.  luckily nothing was cracked but the rear bumper had come off the the pop rivets on the left and bent some brackets behind.  settled privately where i took it to the bodyshop i chose.


fast foward to today and I've got my car back.  there was some corrosion underneath the spoiler which is an apparent comment fault on these blobs.  so whilst doing the accident damage, i topped up and got the corrosion sorted and perrin wing stabilisers fitted too.


im in abit of a predicament.  the guy has left the badges off to do the work but I'm not sure what to do.  leave it debadged or rebadge them up again.


this is how it currently looks




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2 minutes ago, Piggysniffer said:

I think personally if I owned your car I would want people to know what they were following/what I was driving, I debadged my cossies, but tbh they were hard to mistake for anything else

could you vote please. just like to know what badges you would keep on.

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27 minutes ago, Pixyflash said:

Cheers. 😊

Today's clean up

Funny enough the reason I debadged mine besides the minimalistic look was that people are now even more mistified what car this is :D I swapped the star badge at the back and front to some more dark one, so stars are not visible that much, and without knowing what STI is, people have no clue what the car is :D And I love it. Breaking the neck big time :D

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