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  1. New to club

    Yeh mate، like savs said make sure to get them nudes in nice and early 😝 Sent from my MX4 Pro using Tapatalk
  2. Rice rice baby rice rice Sent from my MX4 Pro using Tapatalk
  3. Cold air = power. If you ask me, you ain't getting a drop of fresh air from that position, but what you are getting is warm air from one of the hottest parts of the engine bay. Warm air is just as bad as lobbing in 87 Ron fuel. Don't worry we sort it when im back 😂 Sent from my MX4 Pro using Tapatalk
  4. Need guidance on this project please!

    banter cause ill be mafless anyway hahahaha
  5. Need guidance on this project please!

    So my MAF scale is all set for the ORANGE MAF: New MAF Scale = Old MAF Scale x (74767/65535) 21100 = New MAF Scale (As shown in the ESL base map) Solving for Old MAF Scale: Rearranging to make Old MAF Scale the subject; New MAF Scale / (74767/65535) = Old MAF Scale 21100 / (74767/65535)= 18495 So 18495 x (74767/65535) = 21100 so assuming that the base map had the value for the Orange MAF correct, this should all be set up!
  6. Need guidance on this project please!

    i may get me a run on a dyno with wideband logging. If the dyno costs me more than £100. I will save up a bit, while i read this book : engine management and advance tuning by Greg Banish. As i cover each section in the book ill link that section to ESL Manual and ill watch a video or two of someone live tuning their fuel map. as for creating a base map, ill get some logs from my evoscan as this will have my base ignition map and fuel map for my 8s ecu, i can then match that to my live figures and work out the ignition advance and paste it over :D (Clever i know ) OR ill reach fuckit levels, get a wideband logger, get some 440s and a td05 at like 1.0bar boost map that into my base map. Eitherway i dont think im planning to run it without wideband logging. (Ill also be doing the calculations for the MAF scaling etc) off the esl manual; New MAF Scale = Old MAF Scale x (74767/65535) is to work out MAF scaling; As i have a basemap which is persumeably for the ORANGE maf if i re-arrange the forumla to find old maf scale, i can then verify that this scale is right by punching it back into the forumula:D ill do this for every sensor just to ensure ive bridged the gap between the 8s and 75 ecu, even though ill be running mafless
  7. 2005 WRX - Oil cooler leaking water?

    Mayaswell take the modine off and inspect it for flat or birttle seals
  8. 2005 WRX - Oil cooler leaking water?

    You could also check/nip the upper radiator hose as when i had a leak there coolant got all over the bottom of the engine!
  9. 2005 WRX - Oil cooler leaking water?

    Check the oil to see if it's contaminated. I've never seen a water leak go green to be fair, it's usually Whitey limescale. I'd say clean it up, check the oil (or do a service) You could also check the oil filter for traces of coolant. If water ain't mixing with oil, and oil or water levels arnt changing then it really can't be anything serious!
  10. Rough idle and clicking noise

    Does this go away when cold? Have you had any mods done? As Mark says, check the engine codes. Pop ur head under the steeringwheel and have a look around you should see 2 pairs of wires. 1 green pair and 1 black pair. Connect the black pairs and, turn the ignition to on (so u hear the fuelpump buzz) Record the check engine light and post it here and we can take a took for ya.
  11. Need guidance on this project please!

    caught this all howbowdah ;) @savage bulldogs esl 75 with software and cable, orange maf, kn cone, intake air temp, 3 port boost solenoid and flywheel hole cover
  12. GC8 V4 Ecu question + ESL Question.

    ive got a book about efi mapping, ive signed up to a few videos, i will first buy a wideband with logging vs rpm before i even think about starting the car. I can say i'm about 60-70% there theory wise, i need to do some reading and watching to bridge that theory gap, then its all about getting some hands on i guess, i might sign up for hpacademy as on the forums the professionals seem to be throwing knowledge and tips at you which is invaluable. I just want to be able to say i mapped the car myself you know what i mean? its a nice feeling to know that you put together a car and mapped it in 1-2years, even in my negative mindset id be really proud of that :) 500bhp by 25 is the target savs :) going to be 22 in aug so only 3 years left!
  13. GC8 V4 Ecu question + ESL Question. Found this .
  14. ive found an esl piggybacked sti v4 ecu. I Have a v4 uk ecu. Can I put the sti ecu in, along with the 3 port boost bracket, the sti maf and the sti intercooler, along with the 440cc and the vf23? and will I be good to go ? if I read correctly I will have to swap the crank and cam pin outs on the ecu ? (I'm thinking of making a little swappable connector at the loom!) OR Shall I just get the ECU, desolder it and put it on my 8s ? I'm basically getting the ecu, the wire and the software for £300, but ill push for £200-250 ! advise me peeps. thanks for reading.) (my target is 320ish bhp, vf35, sti TMIC)
  15. Weird boost response.

    right so i got the wastegate in and it made no difference, to be honest in the stock position it just rattles the flap at idle. the manifold relative pressure will be all over the place. -0.8, -0.6 , 0.2, 0.4 0.9 -0.8, -0.8, 0.9 this is all under WOT and respectively the boost solenoid cyclce will be 0% when i loose all my boost (-0.8) under WOT. i cleaned my solenoid out, ill try it again with a stronger cleaner. ill then proceed by checking all vac lines for any damage. ill then get a vac hose from the turbo nipple to wastegate nipple and remove the pill, this in theory should give me 0.5 bar boost! ill try to block off the vac lines with something too.