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It's had some work done before I got it so I thought it would be a safe bet. Head gaskets, water pump, timing belt kit, new turbo, fmic, fuel reg lightened flywheel it starts and runs and boosts but breaths a bit I wasn't happy with it so called in at Sheffield for a power run to find out turbo control not piped up so that's sorted and it's run 230 ish I think it made so I did a compression test and found out why it was breathing. To bring a long story to an end I was running a 3 cylinder imperza... oops time for rebuild 

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Oh sorry to hear that mate won't be the first won't be the last. But happy you're not just giving up and going for the rebuild :cool: 

If you want start a build thread and my main man for asking my own questions and the person I send everyone to speak to is @savage bulldogs Sorry mate calling on yur super powers once again :biggrin: 

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Was going to drop a second hand engine in as a quick fix so bought an engine gear box and wiring loom that someone had for beatle conversion but on more reading it think it's a phase 1.5 and mines a phase 2 so it parked up for a few months with no engine but I may have some parts for sale

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