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Strange whining noise


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Started hearing a strange whining noise when i put my foot down now its been doing it for a few months now and not going away but doesn't seem to have got any louder. Ive thought it could be the clutch going but i had that replaced only a year ago or some say its a sign of a turbo going but I've also had that replaced under a year ago with a healthy second hand TD05.

The noise speeds up and slows down with the accelerator , any guesses?

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If ir occurs when accelerating or decelerating (engine breaking not with the clutch dipped)

As stants said check the gearbox and rear diff oil levels .if the levels are fine and they're due a change, maybe try refreshing the oil in both.

I'd imagine if it was p.s whine you'd also get it while idling stationary and turning from lock to lock.

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On 04/03/2017 at 9:41 PM, Scoobyghost said:

Are you usually alone?

I find my car seems to whine a lot more when the missus is with me and I'm sure the noise comes from the passenger side.

Mines exactly the same.if i go fast i also get a sore leg.

Did you manage to sort this mate?any tips

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The reason i ask is i have a turbo 2000 that had diff and box fluids changed 5 k ago and after a spirited 90 minute drive over the weekend i have a loud high pitched hum / whine coming from the front nearside.

could this be a wheel bearing problem?

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