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Getting a Gauge set up for Christmas!


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So I'm getting 3 gauges and decided to go with the pro sport evo brand. There are a lot of options to consider and i would just like peoples opinions on which i should go for. There is all these to choose from:

.boost psi 

.boost bar

.oil pressure

.oil temperature

.water temperature

.fuel pressure

.air/fuel ratio ( narrowband )



so which three should i go for?




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I'll just copy and paste,

1 Bar = 14.5037738 Psi. Bar is the atmospheric pressure at the sea level. Psi is 1 pound of force per square inch.

Personally I like to use bar measurement as easier to read.

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I'm the same but opposite. Can't be trying to maths the psi to bar each time.

I thinks it's all personal preference. Much like Fahrenheit and Celsius. They both tell you what it is just different scaling. You could argue psi is more accurate because it uses a broader scale.

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Oil pressure (so if you get a leak you know early enough)

Oil temp (so you know it's warm enough to use boost )

Egt or afr (so you know it's not leaning off due to a intake leak)

Boost can help diagnose leaks and overboost but otherwise it just looks pretty

And I prefer bar but that's only a personal preference

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i have 4 in my cars,glad i did with the last blobeye i had,i have 

boost -bar

oil pressure

oil temp 

and water temp which saved my blob as my normal temp gauge was reading normal temp but i noticed the water temp gauge was gradually going up so pulled over and had a look,my radiator hose had got a little hole in and all coolant was quirting out,i think by time my normal temp gauge would have noticed it would have done head gasket,so i allways get water temp gauge as well now.

i had 5 in my 1st hatch i had volts as well but i do like lots gauges so i no whats happening :biggrin:

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I started with a cheap depo 4 in 1 gauge. Boost /oil pressure /oil temp /volts as it was only £100 and I thought I'd upgrade it at a later date.

2 scoobs , 2 engines ,2 gearboxes and 5 yrs later the depo is still working fine lol .

But I do now run a apexi fc ecu which monitors everything except afr on the hand controller .

A apexi avcr which monitors throttle position, revs ,boost and injector induity.

3 lamco v1 sti gauges

Depo 4 in 1

And a road angel .


So I've gone from 1 discreet compact gauge to looking like a airplane cockpit [emoji23]

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Looking very nice 👍🏻 What pedals you got there? Mine are just boring black ones 

I used to have a set of stainless steel and pink newage sti ones which were easy to fit . (I gave them to stants).

The silver and black ones in that pic were off a spec c but I think newage wrx's use the same , i bought them cos they match my scoobs colour better .

But in that pic I still had the sti newage ss and pink throttle peddle [emoji55]

Currently it has the silver and black spec c foot rest ,clutch and brake peddle with the original throttle peddle

As although its tweeking my ocd [emoji33] ,you have to remove the complete throttle peddle assembly to fit the matching throttle peddle. ..... so I keep putting it off [emoji23]

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