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Is this the lowest mileage Classic Impreza out there?????


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On 1/25/2017 at 9:23 AM, Hinuk said:

Totally genuine original car. Never been in the rain..


Don't tell me - lives in W Highlands, Scotland where it stops raining for 15 mins during the day.:biggrin: No wonder it has low mileage.

I love that quote "never been in rain". I wonder how that is substantiated ?

I work for a car manufacturer - the competition (or enemy if you like) - and we have a day where employees can bring in their special cars in and show them out in the car park. Being a bunch of petrol heads in a professional capacity, you can see that there are some quite exotic stuff gets in.

One guy brings in this Mk2 Jag in red - absolutely immaculate, with the wire wheels, 3.8L version. So the top spec thing. On the write up, he states that it was restored in the late 1990's and has never been in the rain or seen a wet road since the restoration. He brings this thing in every year.

The only issue with this is we witnessed in 2013, it saw rain and a wet road.......at the show we all attend.....yes here at work, it poured down. But it was not for the want of trying to get his car out of a shoehorned, wedged in car park that the script of never seeing rain or wet road was going to still remain fact. The song and dance as he tried to get people out of the way! An absolute scene with all this shouting and swearing, as his pride and joy was getting wet for the first time in 20 years.

Guess what the script said last year - yeap...never seen rain or a wet road since its restoration. So I took the trouble to remind him of the 2013 event, because I am nice like that. His face turned a bit angry.

I am not sure whether he didn't like the reminder of that frantic year for him or whether it was that I was pulling his script apart as being dishonest because the clock should be now reset to never seeing rain/wet road since 2013.

Perhaps that's not much of a statement with a 1960's motor that does 20 miles per annum.

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I think people with these theories about not driving in the rain get precious about the underside, not the bodywork as such. I see what he was trying to do in 2013, not that I am a supporter of this - but that was not get the car wet underneath, kicking up dirt and crap. But he went about it all the wrong way. He dived out whilst the roads were soaking. I would waited for them to dry - and his car to dry off as well. In the July sun that then appeared after the storm, it all dried up quite quick.

Anyway, I digress from the topic.

It does depend on what you want the car for, Some people above, quite rightly said, what's the point of owning a car if you don't use it. That's a very fair point. That's what they are bought for, after all, and that is what they are good at.

But if your ambition is to keep the car for a decade or longer, going out and piling on the mileage, you'll soon find 2 things:-

  • 100,000 miles is done in no time
  • The car becomes less enjoyable to drive.

Before this WRX, I have a Legacy RSK. Bought in 2002, sold end of last year, completing 35k miles in it. So 2.5k miles per year. But it was all front loaded and when I bought it, I was doing near 6k miles p/a. In the last 10 years, I probably did on average 1000 per year. The good thing was that I washed it twice per year and it stayed clean all year. Also, driving was always fresh and like a new car. But the argument remained that it was a waste of a motor. Hence, I decided to get rid and buy I car I could use daily.  

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