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I'm a chicken wire and chewing gum type of tight ar-se, but I would not use a second hand fuel pump unless from a mate with useage known, if it runs your car lean on boost your in big trouble

just my personal opinion 👍

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I just bought a new rcm pump for my build, not worth the risk imo too unless there is proof that it is relatively new, I'd question why it's being sold if it's only 500miles old

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I fitted a brand new walbro 255 a few weeks ago and i'm really disappointed with it tbh honest, the same day i fitted it went for a bit of a blast maybe 40mile or so and it started to whine, so thought to myself it may just need to bed in but now its all the time so bad that you have to either turn the music up just to drown it out or turn the car off to shut it up and if the motor is running and you get out its even louder so feck knows what people think when they walk past, personally for me now i should have bought the rcm pump (as a few folks on here said i should get) its a little more pricey but the reviews were better, just a little food for thought matey ☺

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29 minutes ago, Seminole81 said:

Actually, bit of research a lot of people say to avoid Walbro. What about Deutschwerks 330?

That was a while ago... issue seems to have mostly gone away, I fitted my walbro almost a year ago and have had zero isses

edit: Yeh it seems there were a lot of fakes kicking about, I bought mine from here


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28 minutes ago, stuartie said:

Aye thats where i bought mine from aswell, i may have just got a duff one, spose its like anything not every one will be perfect 

Maybe worth getting in touch with them, I'm sure they can give you a replacement

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