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Hi Guys n Girls

Just thought I'd say "hello" and yes I've finally managed to buy myself a Classic Subaru & to join this club!!!!!!

Fell in love with them many many years ago, but circumstances and the image (insurance was a nightmare) made it not possible.

I am currently the proud owner of a very clean Subaru Impreza UK 2000 turbo, Version 5, model GC8, which is totally stock at the moment.

Looking forward to car meets (JapShowFinale), etc. so please be patient if I ask some really daft questions :)

First port of call for me though is Mapping, just to see some stats.

Anyway, enjoy your day.




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13 minutes ago, GeoffLeggy said:


I think @Gambit still has a club pass if you want to join us there? 

I can send you a pass as Geoff the top bloke that he is has pointed out :cool: cover postage you're more than welcome to join us on club stand mate. And don't worry f you think it is show ready we're not like that as long as you can have a laugh and enjoy meeting us crazy bunch is fine :ohmy:

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