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Hi all,

Long time admirer, first time owner!

I've heard good things about the forums on here so here's to hours of scrolling and hopefully not too many annoying questions!

I've just got myself a 2004 WRX STI and I'm planning my first big service and getting rid of a few rusty bits this winter ready for some spring/summer play next year.

I'd be happy to know of any track days you'll all be attending next year to learn a few tricks and pick the pace up a bit as I'm still learning the car at the minute.

Here's a shot of the beast for you all.IMG_3138.JPG

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Welcome to S.O.C car looks great. And please feel free to get stuck  in on the forum great bunch on here. All friendly so should feel at home. 


As for the tracks/shows think be mainly just Japshow both of them next year. But depends if interested is big enough to do others, we're a pretty new club next year being only our 4th year doing them. So don't always get the groups that we should backing some event sadly. 

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Thank you all for the warm welcomes, especially Piggysniffer with his Scooby pirate based welcome!

It's a shame the Japshow is the only real event, is there a way to gauge interest for  track days? Or do i just start a thread and see which other track nutters are on?

I'll be trying to do as much as possible with the car next year. I'm an ex honda nutter so you'll all have to forgive my past sins haha.

Thank you for your nice words on the car, I'm as proud as punch rolling about in it!

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