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What does it stand for obv some peoples is just there name but some must have a meaning

Mines RpsChesterfield as this is the name as my heating installation company and i wouldnt forget it lol


Below i have attached a picture of a smug looking goat for no reason what so ever lol feel free to follow suit


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I was trying to think of a gamer tag for the original Xbox and owning a English bulldog I fancied something with "bulldog" in the name .

As I was trying different gamer tags I obviously wasn't paying enough attention to my 18 month old daughter. .....

So she decided to bite my foot so hard it drew blood ......

"Arrr you little fooking "SAVAGE" and the rest was history (and a tetanus ) .

To add to the random meme theme , I'll see your goat and raise you a hungry lispy dog [emoji23]


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Indeed school nicknames can be the worst, I have a inch long scar which is quite deep at the front of my head, so I used to get called all sorts at school,

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You're a wizard stants

Sorry couldn't help myself

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Afraid not, although if I don't cut my hair properly it has the unfortunate result of looking like a ladies front bit so have been called something that resembles Charlie uniform November tango head before [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]

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7 hours ago, Fastboy67 said:

Used to read fast bikes mag years ago so altered it slightly and stuck the year of birth on the end not my actual age though closing in on that. Ha ha 

Was gunna say! You didn't look that old to me when you vroomed by the other day! Plus that would be a total conundrum...fast BOY...born in 67 😂 

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