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Power graphs for reference

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Thought it would be a good idea to get a thread going of peoples dyno graphs so if folks want info on what they can expect from what turbo/engine/mod combo.

Can we please not have comments/general talk in this thread so it's just posts of graph and spec than can be searched for answers.

I've created a chat thread here, 


If parts arn't off the shelf (turbos are a good example) please add (custom) so its easy to tell.

Mine as a starter,


2.5 Closed deck converted block, mahle pistons, manley rods, ARP headstuds, ACl bearings, Supertech valve kit in V5 heads (none AVCS). Perrin inlet pipe, Front mount intercooler, Perrin induction kit, walbro 400 fuel pump, Nismo 740CC injectors, Syvecs ECU, GT spec Gen 2 headers, 06 UK hawk sti 6 speed gearbox, twin plate competition clutch, Full cobra decat, Garret GT2871 R billet turbo (Custom), 3 port boost solenoid, 4 bar map sensor.



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Engine tuner built ej257 bottom end ( check my build thread for full spec) standard refurbished sti hatch dual avcs heads . RCM unequal length headers , RCM up pipe , RCM 3" down pipe with decat , standard centre pipe with prodrive 330s back box , cosworth drop in filter , Perrin intake pipe , engine tuner spec Gtx2871 mamba turbo with 650cc injectors and mapped on ecutek software


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Good thread


GC8 Turbo 2000

TD04 turbo

Cosworth panel filter

Unnamed 3" decat turbo back exhaust

3 port boost solenoid

RCM fuel pump

Ecutek licensed remap.

All other parts as standard on turbo 2000 UK spec v6.

And what happens when your car runs rich:


95fb249573914bb011fd0131295a34c4.jpg Just a follow up. All healthy again.

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Blobeye 2003 WRX

VF35 turbo

Heatwrapped Decat Uppipe/Decat Downpipe/Straight Through Centre To Vortex Afterburner Backbox (2.5 inch exhaust size)

STI Top Mount Intercooler

Pink 550c Injectors

Forge Recirc Valve

Cosworth Panel Filter

Walbro 255 Fuel Pump


Made 317BHP at 1.4bar Remapped By Area 52 and pops and bangs on the overun.

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2010 wrx-s 

Unnamed Sports Cat

Cobra cat back 3” de-resonated

360 lph fuel pump

K&N induction kit 

Ignore the oscillation on the graph, there was a problem with one of the circuit boards causing it on the roller. 


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2011 WRX STI Type UK
Full Decat Downpipe&Centre pipe 3"
Custom Catback 2.5"
Cosworth Panel filter.
Mapped on momentum

light blue lines are a previous power run with only the catback and the factory performance pack.
Pink line is with the above and remap by Duncan Graham.


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08 STI standard internals, ARP bolts, Cosworth HG, Cylinder 4 cooling mod,  Cosworth panel filter, standard UEL headers, HKS uppipe, Cobra full stainless turbo back system, standard VF48, standard fuel system, 3 port boost solenoid

Area 52 made a decent job of the first map and TDR only had to do some minor tweaks for the different turbo.







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